Health and Fitness 6 Tips To Keep Your Pooch Healthy And Thriving
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6 Tips To Keep Your Pooch Healthy And Thriving6 Tips To Keep Your Pooch Healthy And Thriving

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re searching for a pet grooming and vet clinic near you. Well, look no more, you’ve arrived at WagNTails, your go-to pet clinic in Noida. We’ve got experts to provide a wide range of grooming and veterinary services for your pet. Be it a basic bath and trim or an awesome pawsome full spa-day for your fur ball, we’ve got it all covered. We pray that your pet would never have a medical emergency, (woof, what a terrifying thought!) but if unfortunately they do, our pet clinic in Noida is at your service at any time of the day or night. Yes, we said ANY time.

While we are a one-stop-shop for your pet’s grooming, boarding and medical needs, there’s a lot you can do for your fur baby’s well-being. When it comes to the little poochs’ health, our ‘pawlicy’ is that prevention is always better than a cure. We’ve got some useful tips for just that.

Tips to Keep your Pet Healthy and Thriving 

1. Adequate amount of nourishment

Of course, it’s the first thing we mentioned. We’re pretty sure your pup hops around in excitement at the sound of the pet bowl! That being said, it’s important to take your time and employ your resources to work out a suitable diet plan for your pooch. You neither want them to be nutrient deficient, nor should you overfeed them. Obesity could affect your pet’s immune system, lead to metabolic dysfunction, heart diseases etc. If all this sounds a little overwhelming, we get it, just go to a vet clinic near you (psst psst, it’s WagNTails) to do a check-up and figure out your pet’s diet requirements according to their health, age and agility. Make sure you’re adding enough vitamins, minerals and macro-contents to meet your dog’s caloric needs. After all, it’s not easy to run around all day and stare out of the window without a proper diet. 

2. Vaccinations and annual visit to a Pet Clinic near you

Pet Vaccination in India leaves much to be desired. We believe in being the change. It’s absolutely paramount that a proper vaccination schedule is followed at a reputed pet grooming center near you to keep your pet healthy. The 9-in-1 dose followed by an annual booster is sure to keep you and your pet stress-free. Moreover, maintaining an anti-rabies schedule is equally important. An annual visit to a nearby vet clinic could also rule-out any out of the ordinary symptoms or health concerns you might have about your pet.

3. Regular grooming sessions

We cannot stress this enough, visit a pet groomer near you to make sure your fur baby is properly trimmed and sanitized. It will keep any fur from getting in the eye. Regularly brushing your pooch’s fur will increase their blood circulation which reduces shedding, matting and can help early detection of ticks. Your pup’s healthy and fluffy coat will make the pampering sessions even better and help you bond with them. 

4. Maintenance of right hygiene 

Keeping tabs on their health by regularly visiting a vet clinic near you might not be enough. You can routinely brush their teeth and clip their nails. In addition, maintaining clean cavities is also important, schedule a visit to the nearest pet clinic to avoid any infections. An occasional medicinal bath will also enhance their overall health. 

5. Training and socializing of dogs

Just like humans, your pet has their need for socialization. Take them to the pet grooming near you to introduce them to like-minded canines, bonding with other dogs is a very important part of their lives. Socialization can have a significant impact on your dog’s wellbeing. If at all, your pet seems slightly withdrawn from being indoors all the time, slowly helping them build relationships with other dogs could be the cure-all. Immerse them in a controlled environment like a pet grooming near you or a doggie day-care. 

6. Reward your pup for good behavior

If you’re looking to break a bad habit or inculcate a good one, treating them for positive behavior is an excellent way to reinforce good manners. Enhancing your dog’s manners and behaviors is easier when a proper reward mechanism is put in place. Your pup would never want to miss a treat by being a bad boy or girl, would they?  

Healthy habits begin at home and it’s the right time to inculcate good habits in your dog for a healthy life. Follow our tips to make this journey easier and safer. In case you need more help, WagNTails, Pet Clinic in Noida is always here for you.