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Top 5 Deadly Diseases in DogsTop 5 Deadly Diseases in Dogs

Dogs are like babies. Sometime they are suffering with some aches, but they aren’t able to tell us what is actually happening. They can catch diseases in dog parks, groomers and shelters. As a pet owner you always keep an eye on your dog if there’s any changes in their behavior you must take them to the vet. In this article, we are going to discuss about top 5 deadly diseases in dogs.

What is the most deadly diseases in dogs?

 In this article we are going to discuss the deadly disease in dogs.  

1) How long can a dog live with canine distemper?

Canine distemper is a very dangerous disease that attacks the respiratory, gastrointestinal and nervous system of dogs. It hardens the nose and foot pads of dogs. It is spread by an infected dog by sharing food and water bowls. Dogs that are younger than four months and haven’t been vaccinated against Canine distemper are at risk for having this deadly diseases in dog.


1.Severe diarrhea


3.Loss of appetite

4.Lethargy (feeling tired)

5.Fast weight loss

After knowing all the symptoms, we are going to discuss the treatment from canine distemper.

1.Vaccination is very important for dogs to increase their livelihood and immunity level until their immune systems fully mature.

2.Make sure your dog is not in contact with an infected animal.

3.Don’t take any gaps in the immunization schedule.

If not treated well it become the deadly diseases in dogs.

2)What is Parvovirus (Parvo)?

Parvovirus is a virus disease of dogs that causes acute gastrointestinal illness. These diseases are mostly found in between six to twenty weeks old dogs but sometimes older dogs are also affected if not vaccinated. It spread with dog to dog contact and with the unhygienic stole and people that take care of infected dogs.



2.Loss of appetite

3.Abdominal pain and bloating

4.Low body temperature

5.Can  damage the intestine

6.The immune system can cause septic shock.

All these symptoms may be signs of parvo or other serious diseases. Here are some treatments.


1.They can take Anti sickness medication.

2.Visit a vet for medication.

3.Plasma transfusion to replace protein and cells.

4.Focus on nutrition from feeding tubes.

3)Heart-worm Deadly Diseases in Dogs

Heart-worm diseases is due to mosquito bite. It brings worms to dogs’ hearts.It means worms live inside the dogs body and get mature there. These deadly diseases in dogs may not show any symptoms but when they do they become late for treatment.


1.First stage,your dog will not show any signs of infection.

2.Second stage your suffered with cough and felt tired very quickly.

3.Third stage, your dog feels weight loss and muscle loss, dry hairs and feels difficulty in breathing.

At this stage when there is a large amount of worms present in the dog’s heart it stops the flow of blood and causes death.


In this condition you have to contact your vet.


Lyme Disease caused by tick bite. Some ticks are infected with bacteria that cause Lyme disease. If it’s not treated properly, it may cause kidney failure. Your dog starts to be indicted when a tick is attached to your dog’s body for more than 18 hours.



2.Joint swelling

3.Lake of appetite



After knowing the symptoms,of this deadly diseases in dogs we are going to discuss the treatments.


Antibiotic medication can prevent this diseases. It will take at least four weeks or more to get better. You must vaccinate your dog for Lyme disease. Do check your dog’s hair if there are any fleas.


Rabies usually spreads through bite of infected animals. Street dogs are the common reason for rabies. 99% of rabies cases come from dog bite. Once a person starts showing symptoms, it mostly results in death. For example if a dog bites you. You should take a rabies vaccination for protection.



2.Uncontrolled excitement

3.Water phobia

4.Inability to move body parts

5.Lots of confusion


Immediately wash that part for at least 15 min with soapy water once the infection is established it may cause death if bitten by dog. Very rare people can survive the disease.


Dogs are very heartwarming animals. You must take care of them. If you see any symptoms of any disease, you take them to the vet. You can’t face the pain they are suffering from. For the best consultant you must visit Pet clinic in noida.


How long do you have to get a rabies shot after a dog bit?

After being bitten You should take rabies shot immediately. Once it starts showing symptoms there is no treatment. do contact your vet after bitten or scratched by dog.  

Can I get an anti-rabies vaccine without a dog bite?

Normally a vaccine is given to a person who is beaten by any infected animal or who has a high risk of infection. People with high risk can get anti rabies vaccine.  

Is three shots of anti rabies enough?

It’s important to take the 4th dose for complete treatment. The first dose should be taken immediately. The 2nd dose is on the 3rd day. The 3rd dose is on the 7th day. The 4th dose is on the 14th day.

Can rabies symptoms be cured?

There is no treatment after symptoms appear. After getting any bite or scratch from any wild animal please take a rabies shot.  

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