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Dog Vaccination: A Guide to Ensure Long LifeDog Vaccination: A Guide to Ensure Long Life

Just like humans, dogs also require immunization to help fight against illness. It is the responsibility of pet parents to ensure their pets’ safety. Taking care of a pet is similar to taking care of a child. Proper care and maintenance are one of the most important requirements. A pet parent always wonders whether there is a ‘vet clinic near me?’ Look no further, our pet clinic in Noida got you covered.

 Let us make it easier for you to keep track and maintain your pets’ health by providing you with significant details.

Guide to Ensure Long Life of your Pet

Why vaccinate your dog?

Dogs are also vulnerable to diseases such as hepatitis, distemper, rabies, etc. Dog vaccines help prepare their immune systems to fight against the invasion of diseases through various microbial organisms.

Vaccinating your dog also ensures your safety, as some of them also affect us and make us sick. To prepare for such an occasion, you could visit a dog clinic near you to ensure that they have the right vaccinations that you require.

When to begin core vaccinations?

It is advisable to start vaccinating your puppy as soon as it turns 6-7 weeks old. Puppy vaccines are medically approved and prevent them from contracting diseases that can be easily avoided. These vaccines are to be administered as advised by the veterinarian or until the age of four months.

Consulting a veterinarian at a vet clinic near you is important for a complete and correct diagnosis so that your puppy lives a healthy and happy life.

Which are the core vaccines?

This comprises vaccines such as Canine Parvovirus, Canine Distemper Hepatitis, Rabies, and Leptospirosis. These vaccines are considered to be core vaccines by the American Animal Hospital Association’s Canine Task Force. They are vital to all canines so that the risk of transmission and exposure to other animals, including human beings, is reduced.

Make sure to secure an appointment with our pet clinic in Noida to know more about the vaccines, the process, as well as the symptoms of these diseases.

Are there other diseases that affect dogs?

Yes, there are some diseases that are infectious in nature. If you are visiting a vet clinic near you, make sure to inquire about vaccines such as Bordetella, Canine Influenza, and Lyme vaccine.

When you bring your dog to our clinic, it is our responsibility to check all symptoms and suggest vaccination and medication accordingly.

Is there a difference between the vaccinations given to a pup and an adult dog?

Yes, there are different vaccines that are administered during different growth stages of your pet. The core vaccinations administered to puppies are different from those administered to adult dogs. Dog vaccination includes booster doses of certain vaccines.

Asking the veterinarian at the dog clinic near you would provide more details regarding the schedules to be followed.

Does the effectiveness of the vaccines administered reduce overtime? 

One of the most important tasks undertaken by the pet clinic in Noida is to ensure that pet parents are aware of the time period during which the vaccines administered are effective. A proper schedule is drawn up, as well as reminders are sent to ensure that the pet parents make time to visit the clinic with their dogs to get vaccinated again. It is essential for you and your pet to be familiar with the staff and veterinarian at the dog clinic near you so that they are calm during the vaccination process.

How much do these vaccines cost? 

Vaccinating your pet costs different in different places. Private hospitals charge differently than government hospitals or clinics. Vet clinics near you might charge you differently than other hospitals, but the price range for different vaccines remains between Rs.500 t0 Rs. 1500, depending on the type of vaccine. The first-ever dose administered could cost anywhere between Rs.1000 to Rs.1500.

Most dog clinics near you will assist you in coming up with a plan to ensure that you are financially ready to bear the expenses of your pet by informing you of any upcoming vaccinations.

Are there any risks or side effects after getting your dogs vaccinated?

When you get vaccinated against disease for the first time, you feel the effects of the same. It is your immune system that is recognizing the antigens in the vaccine so that our body is able to fight it off the next time we are exposed to the same antigen. Similarly, when you take your dog to a vet clinic near you to get vaccinated, the same process occurs. Some side effects faced by your dog might include fever, sluggishness, loss of appetite, vomiting, diarrhoea, etc. Many pet clinics in Noida inform the dog parents of the side effects that might occur and suggest that they take some time for their dogs to monitor them.

Bottom Line

Having a pet, especially a dog makes our home a special place. Taking responsibility for a living being also means caring for their health and protecting them from harm. Many pet clinics in Noida make it a priority to spread awareness about the necessity of vaccinating your dog. Not only does it protect them, it also protects the pet parent, since some diseases can also affect humans.

Any vet clinic near you will assist you in making the right decision for your dog, all you have to do is make sure you visit regularly with your dog to get them checked.