Boarding Dogs Socialization: 6 Reasons Why it has Become the Need of an Hour
Dog Socialization in Noida

Dogs Socialization: 6 Reasons Why it has Become the Need of an HourDogs Socialization: 6 Reasons Why it has Become the Need of an Hour

Hello Pet Parent! Were you looking for pet boarding in Noida before your trip, and came across the term “dog socialization”? Or were you searching for pet grooming near you to book a relaxing retreat for your furry friend and read about it?

Yes, dog socialization truly has become the talk of the town. If you are wondering how it can help your pupper, read on. 

But basics first. What is it? Dog or Puppy Socialization refers to the process of exposing your furry friend to new people, places, toys, and animals in a controlled way, under expert supervision. It has numerous benefits for your tailed buddy. Socialization tips, help, and support are often provided by vet clinics near you.

Let’s Look at the Top 6 Reasons Why Dog Socializing is the Need of the Day

1. Improves confidence; reduces fear, anxiety, and aggression

Dogs often get agitated in unfamiliar environments, and this increases their levels of anxiety and fear. The same fear gives rise to aggression and they may bite someone. 

With the help of a pet grooming center near you, you can acquaint them with a variety of new stimuli, reducing their fear, anxiety, and in turn aggression. Dog socialization teaches them to be at ease around different humans and animals. These experiences help build his confidence, thus being happier in the long run! We WagnTails, your friendly pet clinic in Noida, recommend starting socialization after 3 months, once the vaccination is done.

2. Easier vet visits

You are typing vet clinics near me on the search bar, and you are filled up with dread. You do not know how your pup will react in the waiting room filled with other pets, or in the doctor’s room. The regular visit to a vet can become less fearful, if your pup has been socialized. Visiting the vet’s office is not a one-time thing, he will regularly have to be there for the rest of his life. Anything that can make him less anxious on that day is commendable. The vet can have a very difficult time if an anxious dog just refuses to be touched or gets aggressive in the chamber. We enable socializing sessions at your pet boarding in Noida, which makes these vet visits easier for your furry friend.

3. Happier grooming days 

Grooming will be a much enjoyable experience for both your dog and the groomer if your dog is socialized. Otherwise, your pet might be anxious or fearful which may hinder the grooming process. Some breeds require precise grooming for optimum health and thus this cannot be overlooked. Grooming is an activity that involves being touched and handled by a stranger. Socializing beforehand will help him be better prepared for it. With this information, you can now search for pet grooming near you and pamper your canine buddy.

4. Friendlier travel buddy

Traveling as pet parents can be a stressful affair. You can either take them with you or put them on board. Socializing can help with both situations. If they are with you on the road, they will be able to explore and enjoy the new environment if they are socialized. They will be easier to handle inside the car and potty breaks in newer places would be manageable too. We at WagnTails, a pet clinic in Noida, help you socialize your dog for such family trips.

Even when you plan to leave them back, a socialized dog will live comfortably in a boarding house. Such a place most definitely will have other dogs or animals, and a socialized dog will be able to appropriately behave with them and would be easier to handle. This is why we, along with pet boarding services in Noida, socialize your dog before he has to come to stay with us. This will mean less stress for both you and your dog.

5. Stimulates mind

Our furry friends have a better quality of life if their minds are stimulated. It can be achieved at home with toys or games, but it will be much more if they can go out and meet, smell, and lick other people or dogs! If they are well socialized, this scope increases manifold. They will have an enriched life and be healthier too. To let your dog find new experiences, you can take them to any vet clinic near you.

6. Increases exercise

When your dog doesn’t gel well with the neighbor or the neighboring dogs you do not feel like taking them out on walks or runs. Also, streets and parks are filled with strangers, children, and other animals, making it difficult for a poorly socialized dog to enjoy a walk. Needless to say, a well socialized dog will have much more options to get optimum exercise. There are a lot of pet clinics in Noida which will be able to help you with more information.

Bottom Line

Well, now that you know how socializing can help your pup, it’s time you get started. We, at Wagntails, a pet grooming center near you, think the earlier you start socializing them, the better. But even if your dog has missed early socialization, you can take expert help from our experts at the pet boarding house in Noida, and start no matter what age your dog is.

 Happy Socializing!