Boarding Going on Vacation? Use this Leash Free Pet Boarding in Noida for your Pooch
Pet Boarding in Noida

Going on Vacation? Use this Leash Free Pet Boarding in Noida for your PoochGoing on Vacation? Use this Leash Free Pet Boarding in Noida for your Pooch

Aching for a getaway, but wondering who’ll care for your fur baby as much as you? Your search for pet boarding in Noida ends with us. WagNTails is just the pet boarding near you that you’ve been looking for. We’re avid dog lovers and fully realize that every pup has different needs. Whether it’s doggie daycare, overnight or an extended stay, we make sure your pooch is so comfortable with us that they don’t get a chance to miss home. 

Our facility is equipped to take care of dogs of all shapes and sizes, all temperaments and ages. Your pooch will be socialized as per their cues and at their own pace. Our staff will engage them in behavior enriching games and activities. Imagine being as agile as a dog not sleeping enough! Sounds tiring, right? Dogs need plenty of rest to keep up with all the gallivanting. We encourage them to take naps and breaks in between. Each Doggo has their own kennel so they can get their beauty sleep. 

When finally deciding on pet boarding in Noida, there are multiple factors at play. The environment must be enriching for your pets taking their own individual needs into account. A spacious ground and toys for play time, grouping the doggos appropriately, the right nourishment and a well-equipped dog clinic near you is absolutely necessary to ensure that the furballs have their best time. 

We provide expertly tailored services all in accordance to your pooch’s needs:

  • Individual kennel for each pet
  • 24×7 Caretaker
  • 24×7 Vet on Premises
  • CCTV access for Pet Parents
  • Off-Leash Stay
  • Unlimited play time
  • Fully Air-Conditioned
  • Paw-friendly flooring
  • Your choice of meals
  • Daily pampering sessions
  • Hairbrushing everyday to improve blood circulation

WagNTails is more than a pet boarding near you, we’re voracious lovers of all things canine. There’s nothing more important to us than your pooch’s mental and physical well-being. We work with your pooch to find the right balance of activities and socialization. Even if you have a pandemic pup that hasn’t been out as much, we will work out the most suitable way to socialise them. We have an on-site dog clinic near you with experienced veterinarians that can provide your pet the best medical care. Also, did we tell you that we don’t believe in leashes? Your pet can freely enjoy their play time at our pet boarding. 

At WagNTails pet boarding in Noida, you decide what your pet eats. We are more than happy to accommodate your meal plans and even optimise them should you ask. We are aware of the fact that you might want to keep an eye on your fur baby or just see how they’re doing. Don’t worry, your pup’s just a CCTV footage away. It will be as if they are with you. 

Now, we understand that checking your pooch in pet boarding near you can be a bit straining for the pup and you, be it the first time or the seventh time. We recommend you get them familiarised with prior doggie day-care. It will ease the transition, your pet will learn that you’ll be coming for them and they will end up having a much more fun experience. 

This pet boarding and dog clinic near you has your pet’s best interests at heart. Being natural dog-lovers makes the adventure all the more elevated for everyone involved. We are enthralled by every little furball’s personality and all that they bring to the table. Boarding your pet with us is the best decision you could make as a dog-parent. All our services come together to weave a protected and enriched stay for your doggo. We bet you that they will be excited to come back and spend some more time with us.