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How to Adopt a Street DogHow to Adopt a Street Dog

If you’re considering adopting a street dog, congratulations! Your life will change for the better. We hope you are ready to spend all of your time cuddling and taking care of your pet. However, be prepared to make a lot of commitments, in the end they will be well worth it.

“Now the question is How to adopt a street dogs?”

And we are going to give you the answer to this question. There are a few steps you have to follow before adopting a street dog and they are following. 

Steps to adopt a street dog 

1. Make sure a street dog isn’t someone’s pet

First thing you have to make sure that dog was not a lost dog. You must check it on google about the lost dog complaint or go to the police station for a check. That’s how you adopt a street dog in India.

How to Adopt a Street Dog
How to Adopt a Street Dog

2. Assess the dogs nature 

Firstly, make sure that dog is friendly in nature. Not all the street dogs are adoptable. You must adopt a street dog when they are puppies. If a dog plays aggressive behavior or is a member of a pack then it’s not a good decision to make it a house pet.

Assess the dogs nature 
How to Adopt a Street Dog

3. Get friendly with dog

 If you really want to adopt a street you have to be humble with them. Interact with the dog everyday. Be patient when you have to deal with a stray dog. Leave food, squat at its level, and avoid sudden moves. 

You can pet the stray dog when it’s sniffing or making eye contact with you. Wait until it approaches you first. Pat the dog on the head and chest, and move on while leaving food in that spot. With patience, you can adopt a stray dog. 

Get friendly with dog
How to Adopt a Street Dog

4. Visit the vet 

After adopting a street dog, the first thing is to vaccinate the dog. Vaccination is very important not for humans but also for dogs. Make sure they are not suffering from any diseases and don’t separate a puppy from its mother before 8 to 12 weeks.

Dog with vet
How to Adopt a Street Dog

5. Prepare your home

Older dogs that are outside a lot and puppies that have been living as part of a pack will often go to the bathroom outdoors. After bringing your new dog home, create a separate area for allowing the dog to play and sleep. Also, supply food and water bowls, collars or leashes, brushes, soap, shampoo, toys and treats.

6. Set up a space 

Adopting street dogs takes time to make them indoor. They have a habit of going anywhere anytime. Make a routine – take them on walks and give food on time. 

Street dogs are highly active and want tons of exercise. Make sure they have a lot of walking and stimulation. 

7. Basic training

Street dogs of India are highly intelligent because they are independent. Training them is a little difficult. Start with basic training to keep your dog disciplined. 

Once the animal feels that it trusts you, move on to more complicated tricks like handshake or rolling over. With enough time and patience, you’ll be able to teach dog new tricks.

After knowing all the steps about how to adopt street dogs. Some basic things you have to know like grooming. It’s also an important point 

Dog is playing
How to Adopt a Street Dog


Adopting a street dog is such a good thought. It may be a little difficult but in the end it all worth it. In this article, we talked about the steps on how to adopt a street dog. We talked about dog’s are not being anyone’s pet.

We know about the nature of dogs, how to get friendly with dogs, visit a vet near you, prepare your home, setup daily routine and basic training of dogs. For best vet consultant contact wagntails


1. Is it a good idea to adopt a street dog?

A stray dog’s heart is as human as it gets, and adopting them before they wrap up their heart with fear is one of the most wonderful feelings in life. It’s right next to having your dog at your side.

2. Do street dogs love their owners?

Street dogs are not friendly or social. If they have been raised by caring, loving individuals who looked after them, they will see you as friendly and treat you in the same way.

3. Do stray dogs love humans?

Dogs have a strong sense of loyalty. Once they know you are a friend, they will always love you and themselves. They don’t care how you treat them or what type of food is given to them, as long as they know that you’re someone special to them.