Health and Fitness Pet Obesity: How to Prevent it with a Balanced Lifestyle
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Pet Obesity: How to Prevent it with a Balanced LifestylePet Obesity: How to Prevent it with a Balanced Lifestyle

Are you a pet owner who treats pets with their favorite snack at any time to make them happy or excited?

If you say yes, then you are unknowingly shortening the lifetime of your beloved pet. It can lead to a serious issue known as pet obesity.

According to recent studies, pet obesity is a serious health issue that affects more than half of all pets worldwide. It is also the cause of various health problems, such as heart disease, diabetes, and arthritis. As a result, it has a significant impact on the average lifespan of pets.

What to do?

Just like you, your pets also require some changes in their diet plans and exercise routines to keep their health under control.

Listed below are the key steps to follow to prevent your pet from becoming obese and remaining healthy.

1. Feed Healthy Diet

As every pet is different, choosing the right food that is both nutritious and likable for your pet is a tricky task. Pet clinics in Noida recommend seeking proper advice about feeding your pet from a vet clinic near you, rather than experimenting with every type of food available in pet clinics near you.

Make sure you feed them high-quality food in proportion to their age. Plan their meals around their appetites to avoid overfeeding, and use slow feeding bowls, as fast eating can encourage them to eat more.

2. Limit Snacking

Offering pet treats frequently to improve bonding with your pet or serve as a reward for being obedient. However, you may be unaware that you are adding extra calories to your pet’s diet. 

Pet clinics in Noida advise that snacking should contribute only 10% of your pet’s daily calorie intake for a balanced diet. Also, frequently checking your pet’s weight ensures they follow a healthy diet. Moreover, pet clinics in Noida recommend buying your pet’s snacks in limited quantities than purchasing them in large amounts from pet clinics near you, as more availability may tempt you to feed your pets whenever you think.  

3. Walk your Pet Regularly

A balanced diet without regular physical exercise makes a healthy routine incomplete. So, taking your pet for a walk every day at regular intervals is necessary. However, pet clinics in Noida such as Wag’N Tails suggest consulting a vet from a vet clinic near you before planning your pet’s physical routine, as each pet has a unique body type and personality traits.

Walking your pet not only contributes to their physical health but also helps with their mental well-being, increasing the chances of social interaction and providing opportunities for behavioral training.

4. Know What Not to Feed

You should be aware that your pet’s digestive system is not the same as yours. It’s always a good idea to keep them away from you while you’re eating, so their pleading eyes don’t force you to feed them your food.

Discuss with a vet from a vet clinic near you about the foods that can be toxic and harmless to your pet.

5. Maintain a Play Time

As physical inactivity of your pet mainly leads to obesity, indulging them in playtime with you can excite them to move while also helping you build a great bond with them. It is best to use pet toys purchased from pet clinics near you, as random items may contain chemical ingredients that are harmful to your pets.

6. Lookup for Pet Hygiene

A clean and healthy pet is always pleasant to watch, and finding a pet grooming near you can help you achieve this.

Regular grooming of your pet from a pet grooming near you allows you to quickly notice any changes in body weight or other body illness, and approach a vet clinic near you without delay. 

Moreover, many pet owners find pet grooming to be a time-consuming process that interferes with their daily routine. Taking them to a pet grooming near you regularly can be a convenient and healthier option for you and your pet.

Bottom Line

We hope you now know about the key steps that help you build a healthy and balanced lifestyle for your pet. Moreover, knowing what works and does not work for your pet allows you to keep them safe from serious illnesses like obesity.

To maintain good health and keep your dog away from obesity, follow the steps provided above. You can reach out to us even at Wag’N Tails pet clinic in Noida for a regular checkup and more detailed guidance to maintain a balanced lifestyle for your furry member.