Grooming The Ultimate Guide to Clean your Dog’s Ears
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The Ultimate Guide to Clean your Dog’s EarsThe Ultimate Guide to Clean your Dog’s Ears

Just like humans, pets also need grooming and cleaning from time to time. Pet grooming services near you could be of great help, if you’re a new pet parent, or have very little or no knowledge of how to maintain them. There are many activities with pets that might seem to be fun, but while doing it one must be careful. One such task is cleaning your dog’s ear. Some breeds of dogs require extra care and attention from others. Breeds like; Beagle, Bloodhound, Doberman, Golden retriever, Labrador, Poodle, Shih Tzu, Saint Bernard, etc. are prone to ear infections.

All you Need to Know About Cleaning your Dog’s Ears

1. How frequently do dog’s ears need to be cleaned? 

It depends on the breed of the dog and the types of ear they have. Pet boarding, Noida suggests that breeds with drop, folded or button ears need to be checked regularly and should be cleaned weekly. While breeds with hooded or erect ears need to be cleaned twice a month. It also depends on the environment they live in, and the activities they perform. According to pet clinics in Noida, if a dog stays in a humid climate and plays regularly in mud or dirt, then ears of that dog need to be cleaned on a daily basis. Pet grooming services near you or vet clinics near you can help you with the same, to maintain the hygiene of your dog and keep them infection-free.

2. How to know if earwax needs to be removed or not?

Too frequent cleaning of a dog’s ears can also lead to infections, as dogs require a certain amount of healthy wax to keep the ears lubricated and free from parasites and infections. According to pet clinics in Noida, normal healthy ear wax color varies between pale yellow to light brown. In some breeds it can also be brown, but if there is a bad odor or the dog is scratching the ear, then there might be an infection. 

If the color of the wax is dark brown or green, then your dog has an ear infection. If wax is red in color, then there is an injury in the ear and due to blood the color of the wax is red. If wax is black or reddish brown, then it might be due to parasites, and if earwax is gray in color, that is probably because of dirt. If you are not sure whether your dog is infected or not, then you can contact the vet clinics near you, they could be of great help. 

3. How to clean a dog’s ears at home?

Dog’s ears can easily be cleaned at home by following the steps suggested by pet boarding, Noida.

1. Make your dog sit in our lap. Make it feel comfortable.

2. Hold the ear flap, so that the ear canal is visible.

3. Take some ear cleaning solution and squeeze it into your dog’s ear.

4. Make sure you put enough solution to fill the ear canal.

5. Now, by holding the ear flap, gently massage it for 30 seconds, at the base of the ear. This will break down the debris.

6. Using cotton, wipe the debris from the upper ear and the inside of the ear.

7. To move out the remaining solution and debris from the ear, allow your dog to shake its head.

This process can be easily done at home, but if you are not comfortable or confident while doing it, you can take help from pet grooming services near you. Along with the normal cleaning, a dog’s ears also need deep cleaning from time to time. In two to three months, deep cleaning should be done. For the deep cleaning process you should consult vet clinics near you. They are experts and know how to do it carefully.

4. If your dog is infected?

If by chance your dog is infected and you have other pets at home, and you don’t want them to get infected, but you are also worried about the infected dog. Then you can put your dog with pet boarding, Noida. They will take care of your dog like their own; they also have contacts with pet clinics in Noida, so you don’t have to worry about the health of your infected dog or the other pets.

If you do not want to leave your dog with someone else, then you can take them to the vet clinic near you and get them treated at the earliest.

What’s Next?

Pet grooming services near you often conduct workshops and seminars on how to maintain your dog’s health. Attending them can be beneficial for you and your dogs as well. 

Hope this can be helpful to you, while cleaning your dog’s ears.