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Pet grooming in noida

Groomer's Goal!

Let's work together to find a style that works best for you and the comfort of your best friend. We aim to provide a grooming certain to please. We offer same day and next day touch-ups if you feel something is out of place. Most importantly, we are all about showin' the love to each and every precious pet that we groom. We pamper furry friends!

100% Eco-friendly pet products are used for all our services.

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Cat Grooming Plans

Our vet recommends dogs should be groomed once a week in summers and once in a fortnight in winters. Also dogs with heavy hair density are advised to have for haircut from any pet grooming services near you. Cat grooming should be done once a month.

Anal glands, or anal sacs, are located on either side of your dog's anus. These glands, similarly to skunk anal sacs, are built to release an odour. To ensure a well groomed pet AGC is necessary. Our dog grooming services in Noida offer complimentary AGC with every grooming session. We at Wag'N Tails ensure every pet is given a perfect grooming session.

If you notice your pooch is itching a lot / has inflammations on their skin / has a skin disease / has ticks on their body, one can opt for these grooming services. Our vet at Wag'N Tails Noida will also guide you to choose a shampoo according to your pet's skin condition and also give suggestions to maintain their skin coat.

At Wag'N Tails Noida, you can combine grooming with quality pet care. Our veterinarian can help make your pet feel at ease as he/she receives quality grooming care.